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Head Office
GRAHA SATRIA , 4th Floor 
Jl. R. S. Fatmawati 5
Jakarta Selatan 12430

Phone :(6221)75915381-83 7692620-21
fax : (62-21) 75915385


Telex : (62-21) 42061, 42739, 42802  TKL JKT 
Cable Trikora Lloyd Jakarta

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Corporate Background
Range of Services
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Branch Offices
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Corporate Background
PT. Trikora Lloyd was founded in 1964 as an ocean going shipping company.

The company is also involved in container feeder operations Intra Indonesia and in South East Asia.

Entering the agency business was a logical step to support the own liner services and the agency organisation expanded and now also represents foregin shipping companies.

Range of Services
Today the company's expandes range of services covers the following:

Ocean Shipping
Agency Representation
Container Storage - Maintenance and Repair
Forwarding - Sea, Land and Air
Cargo Consolidation - Deconsolidation
Warehousing and Cargo Distribution
Logsitic Services
Project Transport/Logistic
Chatering and Brokerage
Ship Manning and Management

General Agent
PT Trikora Lloyd is General Agent for a number of renowned shipping companies, such as:

P & O Nedlloyd
Polis Ocean Lines, Gdynia
Far Eastern Shipping COY, Vladivostok
Western Bulk Carries A/S, Norway
Bread Albane Shipping Pte.Ltd., Singapore
ORAM Shipping, SEOUL
Shipping Agent for more than 30 ocean shipping operators around the world  
Insurance Brokerage
Custom Clearance and Warehousing

Chatering and tramping activities followed in 1981 and last 1999 the company carried in excess of 1,200,000 mtons of dry bulk cargo annually.

Branch Offices
Branch offices of the agency organization have been established in:

Tanjung Priok

A forwarding company is located in Jakarta with subsidery offices throughout Indonesia specialised in cleraing of documentation and in arranging for house deliveries of cargo as well as for consolidation of cargo.

If so required, PT. Trikora Lloyd can also provide Indonesian crew members through its own crewing department.

To complete the "one-stop service" PT. Trikora Lloyd can also offer stevedoring and terminal services through its affiliated company Trijasa with location in :


Modern and mechanical cargo handling equipment ensures quick and careful handling of all types of cargoes. An own tally company can provide clerking and other administrative functions as well as surveys of container equipment.

PT. Trikora Lloyd is in position to offer and / or to make available :

A single nation wide organisation to adequately and professionally perform all sales and other agency functions with offices throughout Indonesia.
A forwarding department with offices in he main locations in Indonesia which can arrange intermodal movements of containers throughout Indonesia.
A highly experienced and dedicated Management
Team structured to drwan on the strength of its individual key manager.

  An innovative marketing team that is creative in identifying and exploiting market opportunities.
A sales organisation able to capitalise on high level customer relationship and to provide guidance in setting pricing policies, set goals for target accounts, discipline marketing efforts and monitor results.
A finance and accounting team that will most efficiently and productively handle principals's cashflow as well as account payable, account receivable, financial reporting according to clients standards.
An operations staff with awareness for a tight cost control.
Equipment Control.
Professional Cost Control.

Future Direction of PT. TRIKORA LLOYD
Recent and important changes in ocean container transport necessitated the management of PT. Trikora Lloyd to re-evaluate its position in this segment of the transport industry which resulted in opting for a strategic change in the future direction of the company.

From operating liner services and managing ships the company has evolved into managing cargo flows offering principals the company represents, a
diversified number of services, in the total logistic chain of functions and activities. The company has been restructured to most efficiently meet all nowday's requrements of Principals in any segment of the transportation industry

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Map of Branch Offices
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Headquarter :
S. Widjojo Center - 7th floor Jl. Jend Sudirman 71 Jakarta 12190
Phone : (62-21) 5205754 Fax : (62-21) 5223188